Thinking About Getting Your Real Estate License?

Is Real Estate the Right Career for Me?

A Snapshot of the Profession

What Should I do First?

Important Personal Skills:

Seasoned real estate professionals will tell you that certain talents, qualities, and personal traits are crucial to building a successful career:


A basic grounding in math fundamentals, with proficiency in multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, and percentages. These skills are required when measuring structures and land, as well as appraising property and arranging mortgage financing.


A practical knowledge of how to locate, read, and understand legal documents involving property ownership.

Organization and Planning

An ability to organize personal affairs as well as conduct business activity in a logical, efficient manner (e.g., obtaining listings, showing properties, handling offers, and conducting negotiations).

Confidence and Persistence

A confident attitude and firm grasp of personal goals. Real estate sales do not always go smoothly and registrants must routinely deal with set-backs and disappointments, as well as successes.

Problem SolvingAn ability to address difficulties and arrive at plausible, practical solutions given conflicting interests of parties involved. This attribute is particularly useful in listing and selling activities.
Computer Knowledge

A basic understanding of computer hardware and software. Computers and other electronic devices are mainstays in today’s real estate brokerages.

English Language Comprehension and Proficiency

An essential skill. Salespeople must understand, draft, and explain real estate agreements, listings, and other related forms. Real estate registrants must ensure that documents are correctly prepared and properly reflect the position of the parties.

Negotiating Skills

A fundamental part of any real estate transaction. Salespeople routinely negotiate on behalf of buyers and sellers to arrive at mutually agreeable terms.

Interview Techniques

A basic understanding of questioning methods. Real estate success often depends on asking the right question at the right time. This skill is particularly valued when helping buyers determine their purchasing needs.

People Skills

An ability to gain the trust and respect of buyers and sellers. Rapport comes easily to those who enjoy working with people, genuinely take interest in their well-being, and understand needs and wants.

Self Discipline

The ability to work independently to get the job done. Real estate sales demands self-motivation, discipline, and personal commitment.


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