7 Breakthrough Strategies for Your Real Estate Business

No matter how good you are at running your real estate business, there will come a moment when you start to feel your business levelling off. Maybe it’s a lull in your sales, maybe you aren’t bringing in as many leads as before, or maybe you simply don’t feel the energy, drive, and creativity to move forward. Now is a great time of year to work in your business and develop some strategies for a fall breakthrough for your business and bust through those plateaus in business finishing your year strong.

7 Breakthrough Strategies for Your Real Estate Business

1.  A Rebranding Strategy – One of the most effective ways to break through a plateau is by rebranding. However, this is only a viable option if you’re truly in need of a brand refresh. If your current branding is old and outdated; starting new and designing fresh ideas can spark the creativity you need to drive more sales. However, beware of alienating clients with something that comes totally out of left field. Your new vision should still stay true to your core values while elevating the overall perception of your company.

2.  Invest in a New Website – A new website is an investment. However, it is one of the best ways to drum up business and carry your company into the digital era. Today’s real estate agent needs a sleek and sophisticated website with bright, clear photos, enticing content, and persuasive call-to-actions. Working with an established website designer is hands-down the best way to go about launching a new website, as they will take care of every bell and whistle to make sure the website functions in today’s fast-5.  paced tech world while also looking elegant and beautiful for customers.

3.  Add to your Team – If you are worried your team is starting to feel stagnant, it might be time to switch things up a bit. ISA (Inside Sales Associate) departments are the new big thing in real estate, but the idea has been around since the beginning. Essentially, an ISA team is your sales team. These independent sales agents work all day on the phone following up with and scrubbing leads in order to hand them off to a selling agent. They’re ideal for growing teams and established teams alike because they take away all distractions and focus solely on sales. ISAs don’t do administrative tasks or any other daily work other than lead generation and conversion.

4.  Change Some Processes – If you currently have an ISA team and you feel they are starting to lose momentum, you can always change up some of the processes to keep things fresh. For example, re-negotiating commissions, implementing new software, or adding tracking to your current processes are all ways to “light a fire” and inspire teams to try something new and exist outside their comfort zone.

5.  Adding A New Lead Gen Layer – So many agents don’t seem to have enough lead generation sources to their business and have been putting off adding another lead generation process or system. Don’t be one dimensional or have too few ways of generating leads and prospects in your business. Do you have all the “Fab Five” lead sources running in your business?

  1. Database touches
  2. Online leads
  3. Expired – FSBO
  4. Open House – Door knock
  5. Geographic farm?

6.  Pre, During, Post Sales Service – Do you create certain customer service experiences for your clients pre, during and post their sale?  I call these critical non essential’s like a one day, one week, one month post sale check in call? Providing a moving day meal for the clients and more. “People don’t remember what you said but they remember how you made them feel.” Take the time to increase the consumers experience with you and your business and wow and awe the clients.

7.  Set New Goals – Maybe you have met your goals for the year and you really have nothing to shoot for the rest of the year. Maybe you didn’t really set a goal for the year and now is the time to set some goals and have a vision or target for the balance of your year. Most agent’s aim for nothing and hit it with amazing accuracy. Don’t be that agent!

There you have a few simple and practical ways to create a breakthrough for you and your real estate business to finish 2018 strong. Take the time to rekindle the fire and really go for it! To your success!

The Sales Skills All Real Estate Agents Must Have

In selling it doesn’t matter the product or service, there are certain skills and processes you must have to be effective in selling anything. Don’t think for a minute the top real estate agents in this industry don’t master their sales skills and sales processes daily. They take the time to sharpen the sword and understand the impact this time spent has on their real estate business success. Let’s have a look at the most important sales skills an agent needs today!

Sales Skills All Real Estate Agents Must Have

1. Managing your own time – Most agent’s time is dictated and controlled by their buyers and sellers. Very few Realtors© exercise control of their own time. When the client says jump the agent normally responds with “how high”? Most agents put in a hard and long day and find at the end of the end they really didn’t get the results they were looking for. Working smarter and managing the highest and best use of your own time is a critical sales skill in real estate.

2. Engage in conversations with people – Every day you need to be able to engage in conversations with either people you know or don’t know about possibly buying or selling real estate. These conversations with people are the root of our database and key to our real estate success. Every day these conversations lead to you adding someone new to your database that don’t have an agent of choice. These people may buy or sell but just as important is them knowing someone else who might be and referring them to buy or sell with you. Get out there and have conversations every day in real estate.managing the highest and best use of your own time is a critical sales skill in real estate.

3. Strong lead follow up – When someone gives you their name, phone number, email it is a customer trying to give you an opportunity to list something or help someone buy something. They are literally handing you the opportunity to earn their business and if served effectively you earn the commission. It amazes me the mindset of agents not wanting to “bug people” or the number of clients that said they never heard back from any agents. The discipline and skill of having strong lead follow up in real estate is another area where many agents can improve greatly.

4. Qualifying the buyer or seller – The ability to identify the “looker” from the buyer and the seller from the dreamer is another incredibly important sales skill for any real estate agent. My mentor taught me “Wade, learn how to lose them Tuesday before they use you and drop you on Saturday.” The power qualifying questions are as simple as “WHY?” “WHEN?” and “HOW? Cash or credit?” The answers to these simple but powerful questions are the secret to qualifying success.

5. Presentations – This is show business and your ability to wow and awe someone to buy or sell with you is key to your success. Having the ability to present to your audience and make them laugh, cry and feel is an incredibly powerful sales skill and something I just loved to master myself. Sales is storytelling and people love stories. Are you an engaging powerful storyteller or are you just someone that just talks, talks and tells? Master your presentation and storytelling skills and watch what happens for you and your business.

6. Handling objections, stalls and conditions – Knowing what to say and how to respond to basically twelve of the most common public responses is another powerful sales skill in real estate. Anticipating what they will say and respond to you and being able to respond with something that changes how they feel about how they think is such an important skill and process. Here are the terrible twelve most used objections agents will hear from clients.

1. We are going to wait
2. We aren’t sure
3. Will you cut your commission?
4. We don’t want a for sale sign
5. We are going to list with…
6. We are going to try selling ourselves
7. We want, need or have to have $ _______
8. We don’t want to put more money into
9. How much real estate do you sell?
10. How long have you been an agent?
11. Why didn’t you show our home when it was listed before?
12. You’re a new agent.

I encourage you to take the time to really work on these specific sales skills and processes. Putting in the time to polish these skills will help take your business to a whole other level, I promise. Where are your skills and processes lacking from the above list? Take action and finish 2018 strong and have skills and not rely on chance or luck and be market and economy proof as an agent!

Is Your Real Estate Business Driven By Vision or Need?

We all have needs. We all have bills to pay, mouths to feed (in my case 5 mouths to feed – I know, it is not easy!), and some have college to pay for. I get it. Today, consider setting that aside, and instead start working in a vision. Ask yourself, “Is my real estate business driven by my vision or my needs”?

That’s right, what if you started working according to a vision, instead of working according to your needs?

Most of us are used to responding to needs and do everything we can to meet those needs as they arise. This is not inherently bad, those things absolutely need to be addressed, but at what cost? This endless cycle is one reason why people never step into their true purpose.  We’re too busy thinking about our needs.  We find ourselves focusing on one closing, because ‘if this doesn’t close I can’t pay my bills.’ Or we got lost in the middle of a hard transaction and lose focus on what we need to do to move the needle of our business. We easily find ourselves stuck focusing on our needs instead of on our vision.  Most inventions, scientific advancements, and dramatic accomplishments were done by people who didn’t focus on their need, but rather on something that motivated them.  People who are visionaries are focused on the future, not now, and especially not the past. They are looking forward, and working in that forward vision.

Focusing on your needs instead of living according to a grander vision is like running around to put out a bunch of small fires. As long as you are only living to meet your needs, your focus will constantly be on those fires. This is stressful and often means many people never reach their full potential. When you live according to a vision, the fires bow to that vision. It’s fun to work on the things we love, right? We find we have more creativity and passion and energy, things are usually lacking when we are stressed about meeting the immediate needs in front of us. I am positive there are greater things for you to achieve…stop chasing fires and start chasing your vision!

Making Your Real Estate Business Driven by Vision

Here Is A Top Agents Exact Business Vision. Put your vision into these three pillars.

  1. The first pillar: What am I going to do stay in touch with my sphere of influence? The people that know, like and trust me. That one is easy; Service For Life! I mail to my database and I get about a 10% return – if I have 300 in my database, that means I will do about 30 transactions a year from people in my database or referrals from people in my database.
  2. The second pillar: What am I going to do to chase business? I decide whether it is going to be open houses, geographic farm, door knocking or Facebook Advertising. I am going to focus on being the best I can be for one at a time. If I pick Open House then I go and study and come up with the best plan. I am going to be the King of Opens! Once I have mastered the first then if I am going to run the next, say Facebook Advertising to generate leads. Again I go study and come up with my best plan.
  3. The third pillar: What am I going to do to attract business?  I decide whether I am going to create a podcast, show, blog, book, and more – it’s going to be called I Love ______ (your hometown). I am going to help people who are new to ______ (your hometown), get connected to other people, places and events happening in the city I love!

What is your vision for your business? Tell us in the comments below! If you aren’t sure – You can start planning your vision by completing or reviewing your business plan. We are moving into the 3rd quarter and this quarter is crucial for many reasons. It is a good time right now to review your business to see if you are on target to hit your goal or not. If not, make changes to your business plan to keep you on track!


Don’t Try To Be Perfect

you don't have to be perfect realtor

Have you ever read something and felt like it was written just for you? Well there’s a book called The Gifts of Imperfection…this book has page after page of great content applicable to almost everyone.
You can choose to let go of yourself to live a “fake life” for others, or you can embrace who you are and own your life story. You’ll love life, others, and yourself better when you’re authentic.

Live wholeheartedly by switching your mindset from trying to be perfect and identifying yourself with what other’s think, to feeling “I am enough” no matter what happens today. You’ll be more courageous, compassionate, and connected this way. And wholehearted living is a never-ending process, not a milestone.

Strive to DIG deep, especially when you’re tired and stressed by being:

  • Deliberate – Be intentional in what you think and do.
  • Inspired – Get yourself in the right emotional and mental place to feel like yourself.
  • Going – Take action, whether that’s to rest or work harder—just do it.

Three Best Quotes

“Authenticity is a collection of choices that we have to make every day. It’s about the choice to show up and be real. The choice to be honest. The choice to let our true selves be seen.”

“Understanding the difference between healthy striving and perfectionism is critical to laying down the shield and picking up your life. Research shows that perfectionism hampers success. In fact, it’s often the path to depression, anxiety, addiction, and life paralysis.”

 “We cannot selectively numb emotions, when we numb the painful emotions, we also numb the positive emotions.”

Action Steps For You

Owning your story isn’t the easiest thing to do out there.

It takes guts to speak about your guilt and shame. It requires courage to tell people how you’re thinking instead of what you think they want you to say. And bravery is needed to live authentically with your imperfections.

Though when you practice living a true life where you think, speak, and act in congruence with yourself, not how you think you’re supposed to be, you open your heart to love yourself and others.

The means to do this are to practice courage, compassion, and connection on a daily basis. Those are the gifts of imperfection.

And don’t try to be perfect, you’ll live a lie because you’re not flawless and no one else is either. You’ll be happier when you embrace you’re human and have your faults, and allow others to help you or give you a shoulder to lean on.

So don’t try to be the Hollywood star you admire (we know they have their issues) or the cool guy at the office. Instead be your authentic self and own your story, then you’ll be blessed with the gifts of imperfection.

I challenge you, today, to go out and tell a trusted family member or friend how you’re feeling today and why. Be vulnerable. Open up and allow them to see your imperfection. If they’re a good friend, you’ll both feel better after this conversation.

The journey to wholehearted living can start today if you open your heart. The choice is yours. Please do it for yourself and the people around you.

And practice loving yourself. Find your favorite hobby so you can go to that to find play, rest, and joy. Give your heart and happiness as much attention as you give your real estate career and success. Ironically being happier will fuel you to be more successful.

Your life will never be the same when you strive for wholehearted living.


Are You Winning Or Is The Customer?

It is one of the most difficult skills in real estate to master, the skill of objection handling. Many sales professionals struggle terribly to know how and what to respond to with a customer and their defense. So, ask yourself, are you winning or is the customer?

I am always reminded that we as agents need to have the mindset of a child. When my kids were growing up and even to this day they are relentless when it comes to getting what they want and won’t take no for an answer.  How many of us know what I am talking about and have those kids?

Are You Winning Or Is The Customer?

Let’s first start with the awareness factor. The skill of knowing whether the customer is responding to you with an objection, stall or condition. So what is the difference?

Let’s start by recognizing the Stall or the statement they use to get you to go away. Classic stalls are “we will call you” or “we will talk about it” or “we want to interview others.” All of these statements are what the customers use to get you to go away and keep from you the “truth” or the real reason they chose not to do business with you at that moment in time. Your job is to be aware of the stall and owe it to your self to dig deeper and probe more to get to the truth and handle what is holding them back. In all my years experience the stalls usually come out when they are not sure they trust or like you. They don’t like your listing price or they don’t feel your marketing plan is good enough or they want a concession in your fees. Most agents hear the stall and pack up and leave and lose the business. Most top producing agents are like “children” and probe, dig and stick around to fight for the business.

Now that you recognize a stall let’s look at the next important item, the Objection. The objection is normally the “truth”, what they are running to (pleasure) or what they are running from (pain). The customer uses a stall to buy themselves some more time or get you to leave and hide what their “truth” or what their real reason is. So how do we get to the truth? Using the 5-6-7 technique is how! Most agents don’t probe and question more than once. The best of the best learn to probe and dig deeper and ask questions at least 7 times. The 5-6-7 technique is as simple as “so why is that so important?” Or “interesting can you tell me more?” For at least seven questions deep. This allows you to get to the heart of their reason for buying or selling and identify the truth or objection source. If you don’t help them identify their pain or pleasure then you can’t move a customers emotional meter and you then offer them the solutions.

The final piece to this skill is the condition. A condition is something that takes agents out by the knees if they are not aware of the condition well in advance of meeting with the customers.  Here are the classic conditions.

  1. There are other decision makers involved.
  2. They can’t net as much money as they hoped.
  3. They are not certain what they are doing next or going to buy.

Every agent should know if these factors are a concern prior to meeting with customers and be prepared to handle all three or you just won’t get the customer’s business. The trick is to ask them in advance of getting together.

So there you have it. The three most important factors to objection handling and being aware of the difference between a stall, objection and condition. Having the skill to be able to handle any one of them at any time and win the sales war like your own relentless children!

The Silent Killer in Real Estate

What is the silent killer in real estate? If there is such a thing, would you want to know? If you knew, would you do something about it?

Astronauts flying into space in a  rocket ship are basically in a bomb with a few people inside waiting to explode as a result of the smallest error.  Astronauts ask themselves the question during every step, “What is the next thing that can kill me?”.   Astronauts need to be excellent at what they do to stay alive and what they do is complicated.  It takes decades of high-level training to be prepared to go to space.   I am continually surprised by the mediocrity of people we encounter in work and in life.

“There is a North American sub-culture of pretense, where watching Top Chef is the same as knowing how to cook”.    -Chris Hatfield

The Silent Killer in Real Estate

When flying rocket ships, good enough isn’t good enough.  Pretending you are good doesn’t work either. Pretense, or pretending to be good at something is rampant in our society and this is nowhere truer than in Real Estate. Licensing courses don’t even scratch the surface of teaching and evaluating the skills needed to represent a buyer or seller during these important and complicated transactions.  Most of the learning after getting a real estate license is focused on lead generation with very little attention paid to the actual skills needed to represent our clients.

While this is a sad state for our industry, it creates an enormous opportunity for people who are excellent, or want to become excellent, at what they do.  When you are excellent at something, it’s obvious and people will flock to you, recommend you, and refer you.  You will have more clients than you know what to do with.  Have you ever hiked around the rim of the Grand Canyon?  You would definitely be reminded there is a “Grand Canyon” between wanting to be good at something and being good at it.

silent killer in real estate

There are two ways to approach this canyon.  You can try to convince everyone you are good – this is like snapping a few photos from the strategic viewpoints or buying a souvenir at the gift shop, or you can understand and do the hard work of becoming excellent – this is like hiking down into the canyon, exploring its many remarkable characteristics, and climbing back out.

Excellence is the new currency.  As Tech tools take over the easy mundane jobs,  we are freed up to do the important work of emotional labour, negotiation, strategic planning, problem solving, building relationships, developing networks, understanding the psychology of decision making, communicating and having the courage, persistence and confidence to protect our clients during this important process of buying and selling Real Estate. Don’t let the silent killer in real estate keep you from your deserved excellence.

I leave you with these questions to ask yourself today. “Am I delivering excellence in real estate? Could I be doing so much more as an agent?”

10 Tips to Get Listings In A Low Inventory Market!

The majority of markets in North America are experiencing unprecedented low inventory levels and the supply is just not meeting the demands of buyers. The spring is quickly coming upon us and the key to our success as agents is the inventory game and having that listing inventory going into the spring and summer season. So if there are little or no listings how can I buck the trend and create listings vs. wait for listings? Here are our top ideas for you to implement now and begin winning the inventory game!

1. Unsolicited market evaluations for all past clients. Put together a snapshot market evaluation package for each and every one of your past clients (Don’t give them your estimated selling price). We want to deliver or mail the package of comparable’s so the client can physically see and touch the information you are providing and see the “value add” you deliver. Let them know many of your clients are curious what their current property value is and you took the liberty of preparing a snapshot for them to see where their property currently sits. This is a great tool for them to see their current property value for sufficient home insurance coverage. For income tax purposes regarding capital losses and gains and just where they stand financially. Three days after you have delivered the information call them and follow the package up. Ask if they got the package? Did they have any questions? They noticed for legal and insurance purposes you need to physically view their home to give them a specific value of their property. Would there be a good time for your to come over and view the property and give them a number? Ask them if they have other real estate holdings you could evaluate for them? Ask them if they know other friends, family or coworkers that would appreciate the same service?

2. Direct Mail. There are many reasons you could send out unaddressed ad mail to get new listings but remember direct mail is not as effective without follow up by a door knock or phone call. The top direct mail reasons that seem to get the best results are “We Just Sold” and implying there are more buyers still looking. The other is “We Have A Buyer” and looking for a home for them. Please don’t use either of these methods if you don’t have a bona fide buyer. Get in the door honestly. Other options are “Open House Invite” or “Just Listed” or the most over used option “Free Home Evaluation”.

3. Door Knock. The follow up to your direct mail is imperative to your conversion and success. The door knock is a warm approach now and not a cold door knock. Again the most successful conversion is coming from a “We Have A Buyer” and “We Just Sold”. Many of my coaching clients say a 90 minute door knock set between 3pm and 6 pm is always a great time and something comes from it every time.

4. Open House. Floor Time. Kiosk. – These are the only options agents have where the customer will come to you and the agent does not have to go to the customer. For those that are prospecting reluctant then these options are the only hope you have to generate the listings.

5. Geographic Farm. – Two options here for the geo farm. Option one is to mail the farm area every second week, door knock, Facebook page, you tube channel, etc. The second option is to find a specific area, building or complex with a 6% or higher annual turnover rate and pull title on every home owner and personally mail them 4 times a year specifically about their area and the general market conditions and have a website specific to their property which creates the perception you are the resident expert and the only agent personally mailing to the homeowners.

6. Facebook, Google Ad Campaigns. – Creating strategic ad campaigns specifically for home sellers and directing them to a landing page that allows them to get an evaluation of their property over the internet. Landing pages like Bold Leads or Prime Seller Leads are a great option.

7. Expired Listings. – If your market area allows this you have a great resource of clients who already own a home, want to sell, worked with an agent and were willing to pay the commissions! How can you not love them.

8. FSBO. – Again you have a seller who owns a home, wants to sell but doesn’t want to pay. We help them sell for 7-10 weeks in exchange for them to buy with you or if they don’t sell we hope they

list with you!

9. Agent To Agent Referrals – Working the agents from other offices and communities that the buyers are relocating to your area from. Offering a referral fee for any listing or buyer referrals to the network of agents and be their point of contact in your area.

10. B2B. – Network with all the business owners and service providers in your community. Find ways to co brand and co market each other’s businesses and services. They in turn feel they need to refer you listings and business for your help and support with what they do!

So there you have it. Ten powerful ways to generate listing inventory and really make a huge impact on your first quarter of 2018 and make the rest of the year that much easier. Please feel free to share any other listing activities you have found effective in the comments below!


Powerful Pre Listing Appointment Questionnaire

We are now coming into the time of year where we all really want to build our listing inventory up for when our spring markets begin to hit. One of the simplest and most powerful strategies you can use to eliminate the competition and to get the inside track on a listing appointment is to use a Pre Listing Appointment Questionnaire. This simple strategy is a fantastic way to impress the prospective seller by connecting with them in advance of our appointment. By confirming the appointment date and time it shows them we were really on the ball with our service as an agent, sets us apart from competitors and helps us create a superior experience for them even before we take their listing.

Now the other secret you could use is, have your  assistant, make these pre listing appointment calls and then ask the sellers the question “While we have you on the phone would you mind just answering a few questions that would help us serve you better and enhance our marketing plan for your home?” They would almost every time freely share four pages of information about their property, finances, situation, timing, motivation and chances are they would not be as comfortable if it were you asking the same questions. Imagine if you had pages of intel on the seller, their property, their finances before you even arrived to the listing appointment? What would that mean to you? Here are some of my favorite questions that really help my business and my listing effectiveness.

1.) How did you hear about me? Love this question for two golden reasons. A) The ability to track and measure your business. What is working? B) If it’s because of a referral then you get to reward that behavior and the referrer.

2.) Why do you want to sell? If we answer all your questions to your satisfaction will you list your property when we meet with you? These are the most important questions in determining their motivation. What are they running from or running to? No pain or no gain then no listing for Wade and no testing the market.

3.) Who else are you interviewing? When are you meeting with them? This is so good to be able to jump on to the MLS data and research the numbers and performance of the agents you are competing with and also prepare your value proposition of the brokerage vs. their brokerage in the listing appointment. Also decide if you’re going first or taking the chance to go last?

4.) Who will be present at the appointment? Always want to remind them of the importance for meeting with all parties on title but also all other decision makers.

5.) How much is owing on the property? Always helpful to know where they sit financially.

6.) What price do you want to ask for your property? Amazes me how many will freely share with my assistant who is not the agent what they want for their home.

7.) What criteria will you use in hiring an agent? Nothing better than knowing what they expect, want and need in an agent.

8.) May we ask you to wait to make a decision before you meet with us? Always protect yourself from other exceptional agents taking the listing before you do.

9.) Tell me the highlights about your property? Let them tell you their property story and share with you about the pride in their home.

10.) We will be delivering or have already delivered our informed home seller pre appointment package and can we ask you to review this prior to our meeting? This is a powerful way to win the listing before even seeing them but also helps make the listing appointment time that much shorter if they have reviewed it all.

So there you have a sampling of a pre  listing appointment questionnaire and a better understanding of its effectiveness. I hope this strategy is something you will use to really take your listings in 2018 to another level and crush it!

Download your Pre Listing Appointment Questionnaire here.


Habits That Hinder Our Success

Do you feel you never have enough time at the end of your day? Never enough money at the end of the month? We all have certain habits we need to quit to start increasing our own personal and professional success. Here are some of the top habits that always seem to hinder one’s success.

1. Saying YES When You Want To Say NO. If an activity, partnership or opportunity doesn’t resonate with you and does not feel aligned with your values and goals, you need to be comfortable about setting boundaries. Learn how to say no with kindness right from the start because, as you become more successful, more people will compete for your time and attention. Not setting healthy boundaries will end up in overwhelm and burnout. I am that classic people pleaser and have had to learn the hard way to learn to say NO and stop saying YES to everything and everyone. “This has everything to do with me and nothing to do with you and I need to say No for me, right now and I hope you can understand.”

2. Losing The Yearn to Learn. If We Are Not Growing Then We Are Dying. You have to eliminate the status quo and constantly looking to self-improve. As realtors we are business owners and need to understand the key to growing our income and business comes directly from growing ourselves. Remember that earners are learners and the agents who invest in themselves and take action on what they learn show a direct correlation to higher income levels.

3. Working Thru Meals & Breaks. Working through meals and breaks is a habit a lot of agents take on. Most justify it with, “If I work through lunch, I’ll just leave a few minutes early” and that isn’t what ends up happening. It’s hard to disconnect midday, especially if you’re in a productive spurt, but it’s important to take a few minutes to recharge. Not doing so will lower your productivity and lead to burnout faster. Success isn’t about time management it is about energy management.

4. Failing To Exercise. This is not something easy but I personally know the ramifications of not finding time to exercise. If you fail to exercise, that lack of discipline will translate into other areas of your life, including your business. When you exercise, you are more alert and sharp, and you will operate at a higher level. It allows us time to burn off stress and think clearly and feel like you have so much more energy to maintain a peak state.

5. Multi-tasking. What agents call multitasking is really task-switching. Contrary to popular belief, multi-tasking doesn’t save time. In fact, it will probably take you longer to finish two projects when you’re jumping back and forth than it would to finish each one separately. It is technically impossible to multitask. When you try to do multiple things at once, you effectively take away full attention and concentration from anything, and you shortchange whatever it is you are doing.

6. Striving For Perfection. I was speaking with a Psychiatric doctor not too long ago and he said we have people who feel “it isn’t good enough” and the rest feel “we aren’t enough” and that nobody feels “good” is an option any more. He spends all his time pulling the perfectionists back and pushing the underachievers along reminding them they have value. I often let the perfect become the enemy of the good. The result is I have a lot of projects that are still in the “development” queue, while I continually refine them. The fact is, however, most defects I see are not elements others will see. I am working on letting go of the hesitation to perfect everything I work on.

7. Not Protecting Your Recharge Time. If you’re a workaholic, it can be easy to let your own time get taken over by work, over and over until you’re not taking any time for yourself. This may seem like it’s making you more efficient, but it will start quickly doing the opposite. There’s no faster way to burn out. Don’t fall into the habit of denying yourself the time you need to recharge.

8. Immediately Responding To Texts & Emails. This is by far the largest problem with many people achieving success, especially on a day-to-day basis. If you answer an email or text, you should be committed to it, or it’ll quickly take you away from whatever task you are completing at the moment, hindering success. Plan periods every hour or two to answer daily emails or texts and stop being reactive and start being proactive.

9. Not Prioritizing Your Day. I always ask myself if each task is something important or is it unimportant? It forces you to actually sit down and only pick a few things you’re going to get done, especially the things that often end up getting punted from day to day. Before that, I was letting my calendar and to-do list run my day and never felt like I was getting the important stuff done.

10. Needing To Know More. How many of us feel we need to know more or come up with more ideas and constantly just go through our days and never really get anything done? Isn’t it time for us to take action and do what we already know we should be doing? Implementation and execution is a huge issue for so many agents who are busy worrying about what they don’t know instead of acting on what they already know.

So there you have some of the habits that hinder so many of us in business and life. I trust you will find a way to be able to remove those habits that are hindering your own success and take things to the next level.


What Is Your 5 Per Cent Work?

Did you know that anything we do really only requires 5 per cent of you? Which means we are not using 95 per cent of ourselves and those activities should be delegated or outsourced to someone else or something else and in turn leaves us more time on the 5 per cent of our gift and talent work.

Let us look at this analogy of a winery and selling wine. We start with the expert who grows the grapes for the wine with incredible attention, care and nurturing of those grapes and the growing of the grapes only represents the 5 per cent of the wineries success. Then the winery has someone else pick those grapes and has them crushed, squeezed, fermented, bottled, distributed, marketed, sold and money is collected. Really only 5 per cent of the wineries success is about the growing of the grapes. Just like only 5 per cent of a real estate agents success is what they do best and the agents gift and talent and they personally should be doing that 5 per cent activity every day.

So, what is that activity you ask?

I would say this is people or relationships!! The rest can be automated, systemized or delegated just like the wineries and what they do with those grapes and someone or something else’s expertise.

You should only do three things in your day that you are an expert at and only one of those activities at a time. The rest of it you delegate, systemize, automate or outsource.  You may think it’ sounds crazy but try delegating the other 95 per cent.

Ask yourself these questions:

1) What is your highest value contribution to your business success?
2) What is your 5 per cent?
3) Where do you need to hire, systemize or delegate the other 95 per cent of your business success to allow you to focus on your 5 per cent?

Stick to growing grapes and what you are gifted and talented at in your business. Imagine your days just doing the 5 per cent where you are in your sweet spot and can do effortlessly with expertise. What kind of impact would that have on you? Your business? Income?