Teresa Romano, Sales Representative
Royal LePage RCR, Bolton

I was considering a career change for a few years and was always interested in real estate, but I didn’t know where to begin. I saw a Royal Lepage ad in the Caledon Enterprise about getting my “Real Estate License in 99 days”. That intrigued me and I decided to call and set up a meeting.
Needless to say I was very nervous and a little bit intimidated, but as soon as I met Frank he made me feel at ease. He took the time to explain the process before and after getting your license. His enthusiasm and energy were a motivating factor for me.
When I joined the company I felt welcomed right away. Jen was a very important part of helping me especially with all my questions.  She was and is very patient and always available for you and with a smile.
When I’ve had any questions or concerns regarding anything in an offer or listing I was working on I could call Frank anytime of the day, and he encouraged me to do so.
When I’m in my office he’ll often stop by and ask me how I’m doing and if I need his help.
I feel very much supported by the Management and Administration Team and the other agents in the office. I have asked for help on many different occasions , from various people in the office ,and I was always helped. I truly believe “it takes a village” to be successful.  I am very happy to work here and hope to do so for many years.

patti ParsonsPatti Parsons, Sales Representative
Royal LePage RCR, Alliston

“As a relatively new Real Estate agent I can honestly say that the best decision was to work with Frank and Royal LePage! This is not an easy business and without the supportive and collaborative environment that Frank has created it would be almost impossible to succeed. The biggest difference that Royal LePage offers is that all manager/owners are NON SELLING- they are not there to compete with you but rather to do everything possible to make you successful…that is huge!

Frank has embraced this role with all of his dedication and enthusiasm that made him so successful in his Real Estate career. Now his focus is to train, motivate, coach and inspire each agent regardless of their years in the business to achieve their personal best. He does this very well…always accessible , supportive and knowledgeable, he is there for us. He puts a lot of effort into making our weekly Sales meetings informative and of value and so they are very well attended, bringing more value!

I have taken advantage of his coaching sessions and WOW they do make a big impact to your bottom line- there’s a plan, accountability, feedback and solutions. Frank keeps us on track and if we need to adjust the plan…we do! It’s no wonder that everyone’s results have improved.

Oh, did I mention he is a lot of fun? That’s important too- staying motivated can be difficult so “play “ time is powerful. It is great for team building and keeping us all involved together sharing some laughs. In my opinion it doesn’t get any better than that!  Thanks Frank.”

Marsha Harrison MateerMarsha Harrison-Mateer, Broker
Royal LePage RCR, Alliston

“I feel very lucky to be working at Royal LePage RCR Realty.  In my opinion it truly is one of the best companies around.  The owners are continuously giving us different opportunities to take various courses that help keep us #1 in our field.  They consistently keep up with new technology and offer us our own marketing dept.”

In terms of our Alliston office, I couldn’t be happier.  We have amazing realtors that work here and our front end staff is fantastic.  Frank Gray is a truly awesome manager.  He completely supports us and is always there to help and mentor us.  He is by far the best manager I have ever known and have come to consider him a good friend.  I feel very lucky to be here.”

Jane FumertonJane Fumerton, Sales Representative
Royal LePage RCR, Alliston

“Joining Royal LePage RCR was one of the best career moves I have ever made.  Not only do we have, in my opinion, the best administrative staff but the manager is among the most knowledgeable and helpful in the business.  Frank Gray has many years of experience in Real Estate and he is only too happy to share his wisdom with all of his agents, seeing all of us succeed is his everyday goal.  Through his guidance, training and support I have seen my income double in the past year.  Frank has an open door policy and is never too busy for your questions.  The agents at Royal LePage RCR are also among the best in the field and supportive of one another which makes the atmosphere in the office a vibrant place to learn and grow.”

Karen MortonKaren Morton, Sales Representative
Royal LePage RCR, Alliston

“I have enjoyed the fellowship of Royal LePage for over 12 years and have recently returned to enjoy my next 12 years in the business. The realtors and management at this office exude a family type atmosphere and are a happy group of co-workers willing to give a friendly word of advice.  When you need someone to ask questions or to volunteer to fill a job; they are the best, always there to help.  You can always count on the administration staff.  Our office has comfortable client rooms and any time you visit us you will always be greeted with a friendly smile.”