It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

We are approaching the single most important time of year… As the listings and sales season start to temper we have the tendency to want to take it easy and relax but I am here to say… NOT JUST YET!!!

This was the time of year where you should take full advantage of your time and make the most of the market season. This time of year can be for some a difficult time in real estate or a time where the market gives you the greatest gift which is TIME. The time for you to do the things you know are important but the year has just been too busy to do those really important activities. One of the most impactful and meaningful activities for your business is what we call the “Holiday 100” The holiday hundred is your goal to personally visit 100 of your best clients and see them during the holiday season. 3 clients a day for 33 days.

So in November, sit down and write out your year in review letter. Make a list of all the events and activities personally and professionally that happened to you and your family. Write about hobbies, travels, children and their activities, your  wife … Find a favorite photo and place the photo and letter on holiday letterhead for your upcoming visits.

Think about it, we are in the relationship business and this letter will invite your clients in to your personal and professional life. This can help deepen relationships and find more items you have in common. They will love to read the letter every year. The next item is to have all your calendars delivered into the office by the middle of November to put you holiday letter and a calendar into large white envelopes. Then  would take your database and make a list of names and phone numbers of all your A and B clients. These are the people you would want to personally see from Mid-November until Mid-December… Print their address labels out and place them on the envelopes with the holiday letter and their calendar.

If you prefer it also works well to write a Christmas Card or order a Day timer instead of a calendar with your year in review letter. Keep in mind the calendar is not the secret weapon to success. Feel free to be creative too… it’s all about the relational contact and something to put in their hands to be Top of Mind. The final item was to find and purchase a hundred small holiday gifts. Poinsettia flowers or homemade spiced apple cider mix, scented candle, bottle of mini bailey’s, holiday scratch and win ticket, homemade peanut brittle or Purdy’s chocolates… Try to maintain about a $10 item budget. Now you have you Santa client pack ready and then comes the most important part of all…

…Booking the appointments.

Take the time to personally call and set up a “pop by” holiday visit to their home in hour segments and stay for 45 minutes per client. Let them know when you arrive that you have another visit within an hour so cannot stay too long. TIP – when booking appointments let them know why you are coming.

The 33 day festive client visits can be amazing. Clients will be so surprised and many client think they will never see you again after our last real estate transaction. They will be so pleased with the letter, calendar and small gift but most important was the gift of my time!! Ken Blanchard wrote in the book “The Generosity Factor” that we all have gifts to give. Our Time, Touch, Talents and Treasures. Never underestimate your greatest gift of “TIME”… your most precious commodity. Don’t just swing by and drop the items off. Stop and give the client your gift of time. This activity alone would set me up for a good month.

I can’t tell you enough what this will do for your business but most important your relationship with your clients.

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