Is Your Real Estate Business Driven By Vision or Need?

We all have needs. We all have bills to pay, mouths to feed (in my case 5 mouths to feed – I know, it is not easy!), and some have college to pay for. I get it. Today, consider setting that aside, and instead start working in a vision. Ask yourself, “Is my real estate business driven by my vision or my needs”?

That’s right, what if you started working according to a vision, instead of working according to your needs?

Most of us are used to responding to needs and do everything we can to meet those needs as they arise. This is not inherently bad, those things absolutely need to be addressed, but at what cost? This endless cycle is one reason why people never step into their true purpose.  We’re too busy thinking about our needs.  We find ourselves focusing on one closing, because ‘if this doesn’t close I can’t pay my bills.’ Or we got lost in the middle of a hard transaction and lose focus on what we need to do to move the needle of our business. We easily find ourselves stuck focusing on our needs instead of on our vision.  Most inventions, scientific advancements, and dramatic accomplishments were done by people who didn’t focus on their need, but rather on something that motivated them.  People who are visionaries are focused on the future, not now, and especially not the past. They are looking forward, and working in that forward vision.

Focusing on your needs instead of living according to a grander vision is like running around to put out a bunch of small fires. As long as you are only living to meet your needs, your focus will constantly be on those fires. This is stressful and often means many people never reach their full potential. When you live according to a vision, the fires bow to that vision. It’s fun to work on the things we love, right? We find we have more creativity and passion and energy, things are usually lacking when we are stressed about meeting the immediate needs in front of us. I am positive there are greater things for you to achieve…stop chasing fires and start chasing your vision!

Making Your Real Estate Business Driven by Vision

Here Is A Top Agents Exact Business Vision. Put your vision into these three pillars.

  1. The first pillar: What am I going to do stay in touch with my sphere of influence? The people that know, like and trust me. That one is easy; Service For Life! I mail to my database and I get about a 10% return – if I have 300 in my database, that means I will do about 30 transactions a year from people in my database or referrals from people in my database.
  2. The second pillar: What am I going to do to chase business? I decide whether it is going to be open houses, geographic farm, door knocking or Facebook Advertising. I am going to focus on being the best I can be for one at a time. If I pick Open House then I go and study and come up with the best plan. I am going to be the King of Opens! Once I have mastered the first then if I am going to run the next, say Facebook Advertising to generate leads. Again I go study and come up with my best plan.
  3. The third pillar: What am I going to do to attract business?  I decide whether I am going to create a podcast, show, blog, book, and more – it’s going to be called I Love ______ (your hometown). I am going to help people who are new to ______ (your hometown), get connected to other people, places and events happening in the city I love!

What is your vision for your business? Tell us in the comments below! If you aren’t sure – You can start planning your vision by completing or reviewing your business plan. We are moving into the 3rd quarter and this quarter is crucial for many reasons. It is a good time right now to review your business to see if you are on target to hit your goal or not. If not, make changes to your business plan to keep you on track!


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