6 Way Realtors can be Happier both Personally and Professionally

There was a boy, whose family was very wealthy. One day his father took him on a trip to the country, where he aimed to show his son, how poor people live. So they arrived at a farm of a very poor family, as he considered. They spent several days there. On their return, the father asked his son, did he like the trip. “Oh, it was great, dad” – the boy replied. “Did you notice how poor people live?” “Yeah, I did“- said the boy. The father asked his son to tell in more details about his impressions from their trip“. “Well, we have only one dog, and they have four of them. In our garden there is a pool, while they have a river that has no end. We’ve got expensive lanterns, but they have stars above their heads at night. We have the patio, and they have the whole horizon. We have only a small piece of land, while they have the endless fields. We buy food, but they grow it. We have high fence for protection of our property, and they don‘t need it, as their friends protect them.” The father was stunned. He could not say a word. Then the boy added: “Thank you, dad, for letting me see how poor we are.” This story shows that the true wealth as well as happiness is not measured by materials things. Love, friendship and freedom are far more valuable.

What are the keys to happiness? How can we be happier in our personal and professional “real estate” lives?

It is amazing how much easier it is to focus on things to complain about than to focus on the things that are good. So why is that? It is like the way it takes more effort to smile than it does to frown and we are always inundated with things that are bad, sad or make us mad rather than things that make us happy, laugh and make us feel grateful. So here are 6 quick tips to living a happier personal and professional life in 2017.

Stay Positive

“Bad things happen to everyone, including happy people. Instead of complaining about how things could have been or should have been, happy people reflect on everything they’re grateful for.” Happy people tend to find the best solution to a problem and then move on, refusing to dwell on negative events. To be happier, you have to think about feeling good, feeling bad, and feeling right, in an atmosphere of growth. You’re not happy unless you think you’re happy.

Surround Yourself with the Right People

You’ll build confidence and stimulate creativity by surrounding yourself with other upbeat people. Negative people, on the other hand, can zap away your energy. Friendship is an easy thing to neglect in our busy lives. We often think to ourselves our friends will always be around, but when we look again, we find the friendship has drifted away. Even more importantly, we get joy from time spent with friends, but because we define such interactions as “important but not urgent,” we often replace them with the “urgent but not important” things in our lives.

Exercise more

Even moving for as little as 10 minutes can help release a neurotransmitter that helps soothe your brain and keep you in control over your impulses. Schedule regular exercise into your daily life. It’s often hard to tackle all the things we want to do in life if we don’t have a high level of energy. If your energy is sapped, it becomes all that much easier to simply take the path of least resistance and simply not work on the important things in life, which of course contributes greatly to a sense of unhappiness. Thus, there’s a great deal of sense in beginning a happiness journey by lifting one’s energy.

Slow Down

Don’t be so caught up in a routine where you forget to appreciate the little things in life. Enjoy a conversation or take a step outside to enjoy a fresh breath of air. The days are long, but the years are short. Time is passing, and you are not focusing enough on the things that really matter in your life.

Have Deep Conversations

Avoid gossip, small talk, and judging others. Have meaningful interactions by engaging with others on a deeper level and seek to build an emotional connection. Find the good in others and take the time to have deeper more meaningful conversations about life and what it is all about. Why we are here? What we are here for? What is our purpose in life and business?

Help Others

Employees who helped others were 10 times more likely to be focused at work and 40 percent more likely to get a promotion, according to a study conducted by Harvard University. Those helping employees also were more likely to be happy during stressful times. “As long as you make certain you aren’t over committing yourself, helping others is sure to have a positive influence on your mood.” One of the best ways to make yourself happy is to make other people happy; One of the best ways to make other people happy is to be happy yourself.

So there you have 6 simple and powerful ways to live a happier and more fulfilling life. I challenge you to implement a few of these happiness strategies into your real estate business and see what kind of impact they have on you personally and professionally and let me know how they work!


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