Top Signs Your Real Estate Marketing is Not Working

Top Signs Your Real Estate Marketing is Not Working

Could your marketing be outdated, ineffective, or even harmful for you and your business? There are several signs your real estate marketing strategy might need an update in 2017. This week we look at the top signs and what to do!

 1. Your Inbound Marketing is Being Ignored.

It’s not just about the advertisements in magazines or online. Inbound marketing focuses on providing customers with valuable content, instead of pushing out a specific message. Inbound marketing has been proven to be far more effective than traditional advertising. Pulling the customer and not pushing on them is the key to marketing success today. We pull by providing killer content that they find valuable, helpful and assists with their biggest challenges in today’s marketplace. Take a minute and think what their challenges are? What would help them with those challenges? Are you providing valuable content the consumer considers valuable or is it just the same old content we think they would find valuable?  You need to find what they are praying for before answering their prayers!

2.  You’re Using Social Media “Just Because”…

If you’re using social media just because you think you are supposed to, you likely aren’t seeing much benefit. Create a strategy beyond gathering followers. Use it to promote your content, build a community, and address any customer concerns or questions. That said, don’t use social media to just push your agenda or promote your listings or blog posts; use it to engage. Just like your inbound marketing strategies your social media marketing strategies need to provide value, solutions to pull and engage the consumers. No more ego selfless promotions posts but add value, answer questions and engage them in your social media marketing by having a plan. Create a strategy and be intentional and not just because you think you “have to” marketing strategy.

3.  You Fail to Update or Don’t have a Blog

You don’t need to contribute a new blog post every day but you should be blogging about one time a week. If you’re posting less than a month, you need to revisit why you even have a blog because you’re not likely generating much traffic from it to make it worth it. This is a long game marketing approach but an approach that will pay large dividends in the future.   The world is looking for experts and someone to advise them and a blog positions you as the expert in your community so go and take that title of expert in your community today!

4.  You Have Not Looked at Your Analytics

Everything in your marketing should be data-driven. Don’t repeat the same mistakes over again by not looking at your analytics. Carefully evaluate what your data is telling you about your audience and about their likes and dislikes. Check your website, email, and social media analytics at least once a week. You never know what the customer will value and what they will not. You need to track and measure all your marketing and your content and know what is working and what is not working. Once you know what is working then give them more of that!

5.  You Don’t Segment Your Audience

If you’re trying to target everyone, you are likely really targeting no one. You can’t be all things to all people and gain traction or own a piece of the market. Everyone gravitates to the expert or someone who specializes rather than the agent that seems to do everything and do it equally to everyone else. Figure out who your ideal client is. Focus on attracting those consumers with your marketing. “Otherwise, you’ll be wasting a lot of time and money on people who will never buy from you anyway. So many agents are residential, commercial, farm and acreage specialists!!

6.  You Do Not Rank or Exist in the Search Engines

If your business name or your name isn’t in the first few spots of the Google search rankings, you have a problem. Just try googling your name or top realtor in _________ and see what comes up? If your competitors all outrank you, you have a big problem. Focus more on mastering to get higher in the search rankings but just start by increasing your presence first. This likely will mean more content building to increase your search engine presence and ranking. Start blogging, posting video and sharing more killer valuable content to your community.

7.  You Create Lots of Content But Little Traction

Seventy-five percent of content gets zero links, and 50 percent gets two or fewer Facebook interactions, according to the site Moz. Get others to read your content by using a three-step plan: Research topics and issues your audience cares most about to use as the basis of your content; write high-quality and 1,200-plus word articles and videos about those issues; and have a plan to promote your content via email and social media. Find what they want and what their issues, needs and wants are in the marketplace and give it to them!!

So there you have it the top ways to determine if your marketing needs a makeover in 2017 and whether it is working or not. Just take one day a week to provide the killer content to the consumers that provide solutions to their issues in the marketplace and just watch what happens over the remainder of 2017!


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