The Truth about Real Estate Buyers and Buyer Agents

We have all heard or said the comment “Buyers are liars” and that is the furthest thing from the truth if we really take the time to understand them better and how they really want to be served. Let’s look first at the common buyer agent and their issues buyers say about them.

1) They don’t listen

2) They don’t understand our needs & wants

3) They have no process, they wing It and they are reactive

4) They wait vs. create a buying opportunity

5) They get us to buy what they think we should buy

6) They can’t communicate their value proposition

This week we are sharing the 10 easy and effective steps to better serve your buyer in today’s market. Taking the time to follow this step by step process will allow you to convert more buyers than you have in the past…….

Ten Step Buyer Process to get the Commitment Every time

Step 1)  The Initial Meet and Greet

Option 1 – Meet Buyer At A Listing

Option 2 – Meet Buyer At The Office (TIP – Prepare and coach receptionist to greet buyer as follows: “You must be [Customer’s Name]. We’re really glad you are here. [Agent’s Name] is looking forward to meeting with you.”

The Critical First Two Minutes – Connection & Control. Your goal is to get the buyer to like and trust you and not to rush this process. Here are simple tips on “How To Connect”

Step 1: “How are you today?” Then listen and engage with their response.

Step 2: “Thank you” or “welcome” or “compliment”

Step 3: Introduce yourself

Once you feel you are connected (nod and see if they nod back) take control of the process. “If it is alright with you, what I’d recommend we do first is sit down and get acquainted. I would like to ask you a few questions that will help me help you find the right home. Will that work for you?”

 Step 2)  The Meet – Choose a different Location (Fresh Energy!)

  • Office (Like Bringing Them Into The Death Star)
  • Meet Them Where They Are At
  • Easier To Get Them To Meet At Coffee Shop
  • Presentation On Tablet
  • Offer a gift (drink? Pen?)

Step 3) The Buyer Interview

  • Tip (Have a file made up with their name on it.)
  • “I would like to ask you a few questions that will help me help you find the right home. Is that okay with you? Is it okay if I take some notes?” (Power of the Note Pad)
  • Follow the proper question sequence: Did You Know??

a) Rapport questions

b) Foundational (prior learning) questions

c)  Diagnostic questions – who, what, when, where, why, how?

d)  Solution (closing) questions

 Step 4) Pre Buyer Packet

“I prepared a packet of information for you that has everything you need to buy real estate in [place].” Briefly review packet, point out contracts and finish with agency disclosure. (Confirm they are not under contract with another REALTOR®.)

 Step 5) The Funnel Process

“Our goal is to help you find the right home and, at the same time, make sure you don’t miss anything or pay too much. We have a process called “The Funnel Process” that will help us accomplish those goals. Would you like to see how it works for you? Great.”

“Let’s start with what you have so far. “Do you have a list of homes you have found you are interested in?” Review what they have. “Have you gone inside any of these homes?” “If it’s alright with you, let’s start by putting these homes into what we call the ‘funnel’. (Draw a funnel) To make sure you don’t miss anything, let’s also put into the funnel any home you might consider. Will that be okay? Discuss: o MLS o New Listings o New Construction o For Sale by Owner

“Once we have everything in the funnel, we’ll start a simple process of elimination to remove those properties that don’t work for you. We’ll use the comfortable process of elimination versus the often frustrating process of selection. This way we’ll make sure you don’t miss anything.”

“We’ll go from 1,000’s of properties in the funnel to 100’s and then to dozens as we begin to eliminate those that don’t work.” “Some we will look at on-line, some we will drive by, and some we will decide to make an appointment and go in. You will be in control of the decisions.”

“As we go through the process, our goal will be to find our top three favorites that could work for you (and this can be a rolling top three).” Once you have identified your favorites, I’ll do a simple market analysis showing you sold properties to help you get a feel for value. Our goal is to make sure you don’t pay too much.” “Does this look like a process that will work for you?”

 Step 6) Scale of 1 to 10 Technique

“Just for fun, to give me an idea of where you are in the process, on a scale of 1 to 10 (with a 1 being you are just starting the process and a 10 being you would like to find a home today) where would you rate yourself?”

“What would have to happen for you to be a 10?” Drill down on each item – ask questions and listen (3 Deep)

  • “What specifically about…?”
  • “Why is that important to you?”
  • “Tell me more about that.” – Take notes. (Power of the Note Pad!)

 Step 7) Pieces of Paper Exercise

(Give each person a piece of paper) “If it is alright with you, I would like each of you to make a list of the things you want in a home. After you have made your list, put stars beside the three things you can’t live without.”

Step 8) What & Why?

Features and benefits.

(What) Features

(Why) Benefits

Remember: People buy their “whys” (benefits) not their “what’s” (features). Explain the concept of the “85% perfect home”

Step 9) Cash? Loan”  House to sell?

“Will you be paying cash for this home or will you be getting a loan?” If getting a loan: “Do you have a loan arranged? Do you have a lender?” “While I’m doing the computer work for your MLS® search, would you like to meet with my [Name of Lender] for a second opinion?” “There is absolutely no obligation to use [Name of Lender]. However, it will give you a second opinion.” Benefits to them of second opinion? Do the preliminary MLS® search while they meet with the lender.

Step 10) If we find it…What will you do? (story)

So there you have it the 10 simple powerful steps to convert and get a commitment from a buyer in today’s market. I challenge you to try changing up how you are dealing with buyers today and follow this tried and true buyer system and see your experience with buyers go to a whole other level.


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