Is your voice mail or email making or costing you money?

You’ve heard it before in order to grow your real estate business you need to focus on those 20% of activities that produce 80% of your results. For example, following up with your past clients, cultivating new and existing referral partners, implementing marketing systems that work while you’re not working. If all that stuff is so important why aren’t you doing it consistently?

The chances are it’s because you allow yourself to get distracted, interrupted and derailed by a steady stream of inbound interruptions like phone calls, emails, text messages, faxes, tweets, instant messages and walk-ins. Well it’s no wonder you have such a hard time getting things done, just look at all the distractions. The truth is most of these urgent distractions could be easily delayed, delegated or deleted because at the end of the day they’re not really that earth shatteringly important that they have to be addressed immediately.

Most realtors can’t even have a five-minute conversation without being interrupted by an inbound phone call or text message. That’s why most realtors are working more and more hours and making the same amount of money. They have made the mistake of confusing activity with productivity. Two totally different things. It’s not like they don’t have any answers either… in fact there are more books on time management and productivity than any other time in history.

At the time of creating this post there are 41,100,000 results in Google for time management tips. Anthony Robbins says we’re drowning in information yet we’re starving for wisdom. So what’s the solution that can allow you to regain control of your time and actually start focusing on the things that really matter? Like working on your business not just in your business? As mentioned before there is no shortage of solutions. What we really need more than anything else is a real gut level commitment to stop allowing all these distractions and to take back the focus of control and to start doing business on our terms. Here is a great tool that can help you make this happen.

A real time voicemail script and auto email responder. Yeah you heard it right,  a voicemail script and auto responder… if done right will allow you to turn off your phone and stop reacting to emails for 2 to 3 hours without losing any business. They will help you schedule more time for implementing your marketing, it will train your clients on the specific times you reply to phone calls and emails and position yourself as an expert who is successful and highly sought after.

It also attracts more referrals and repeat business. Your voicemail and auto responder might go something like this. “Thank you for calling/emailing the office of John Smith, your realtor for life, I’m currently out of the office serving a client right now, rest assured my commitment is to provide you with exceptional service that inspires you to refer your friends and family. Due to high workload I am currently checking and responding to my voicemails and emails twice per day at 12 noon and 5 PM so please leave me your name phone number and a detailed message on how we can serve you.

If you’ve been referred to me, please leave the name of the person who recommended my services to you so I can thank them immediately for their endorsement. Thanks again and have a wonderful day.” So there you have it. We have just given you a killer voicemail email response script that you can implement as early as today to see an immediate boost in your productivity. Now it’s time to take action and be proactive and not reactive!!


Top 10 Reasons Why You Buy/Sell Over the Winter

The #1 objection all agents are getting from real estate buyers and sellers is “we are waiting until spring.” So having the ability to change how the buyer and seller feels about waiting to buy or sell until the spring is imperative to your winter real estate success!! The fact of the matter is, the reasons and myths are endless so it’s our job as REALTORS® to be equipped with facts and a strong reality check to combat these reasons we hear every day. To help you through the winter season we put together some of the top reasons a client would want to choose this time of year to buy, sell and list a home.

Top Reasons to Sell Over the Winter

#1 – Only Serious Buyers Looking
Yes there are fewer buyers, but those buyers are usually very SERIOUS about making a purchase or many HAVE to make a purchase. Who else would want to look at buying during the winter?

#2 Less Listing Competition
Most sellers wait until the spring or summer to list, so your home will have far less competition
Spring = Greater supply = Same Demand = Less Money

#3 – January is the Biggest Corporate Transfer Month
More corporate relocation moves happen during January than any other time of the year.
Catch the corporate relocation buyers while you can.

#4 – High Attentive Efficient Customer Service
By putting the home on the market during the winter you experience better, personal and faster customer service from movers, lawyers, banks, insurance providers etc. Listing realtors have more time to better serve their sellers and get all the marketing strategies in place.

#5 –  More Time to Get Top Dollar
By starting to market your home early, you may be able to secure a higher price with more listing exposure time. This season allows a seller to not be in a rush to sell and allow for more market exposure time and ultimately generate a higher price than in the spring.

#6 – Time to Sell Now, Buy in the Spring
If your home sells quickly, you will be able to shop for your next home during the winter, a great time to find a bargain!
More time to look and not pressure to shop and beat the other buyers. Sell first and then buy in the spring when the inventory and selection begins to rise for you when you are the buyer.

#7 – Stand Out in a Smaller Crowd
Most REALTORS® and offices have less inventory during the winter, enabling your home to stand out even more.
Less marketing noise out there for the buyers and they see your home with ease now.

#8 – 20% of Homes Sold During the Winter
Buyers and Sellers are usually quite motivated to get the transaction completed. We still have 20% of the business in the year occurring during the winter.
This can mean less price haggling and fewer hassles during the process.

#9 – Non-Contingent (Subject to the Sales) Buying
By selling now, you may have an opportunity to be a non-contingent buyer during the spring, when more houses are on the market!
Less “subject to the sale” offers from buyers and you are not one of them when you are buying your next home.

#10 – No Yard Work When It Snows
Great time for a home that needs a yard make over to sell.
No need to worry about your yard work. Snow makes it look fresh and white.


#11 – Buyers Time Everything Too
Buyers begin the search and purchase for spring moves in January, February.
Busy move times are March Spring Break, April Easter, May long weekend and July long weekends

#12 – No Pricing Wars With Others
Less choice for buyers means less sellers to play pricing against each other
Buyers will often make more concession in their buying decision with less choice

#13 – Holiday Magic Show Time
Property shows well, almost staged with holiday décor adding to the ambiance.  Tis the season for your home to shine!

#14 – Higher Quality Showings
Little chance of quick showings and not being prepared to show your home.
Easier time of year to make appointments and give sellers advance notice.
Higher quality showings

#15 – Right Buyer, Right Time
The odds are the same for the right buyer looking at your home regardless of the season.
Right buyer, right time, right home

Top 10 Reasons to Buy Over the Winter

#1 – Little or No Competing Offers
Little or no chance of multiple or competing offers for the buyer during this time of year.

#2 Buyers Receive Better Customer Service
Better service from all service providers like the agents, banks, insurers etc. Not as busy now.

#3 – Seller Motivation Increases
Sellers motivated at this time of year if still trying to sell from summer or fall.
Sellers willing to negotiate, been on the market for some time now. Give and take.

#4 – Expired Listings Available Now
Buyers can shop the expired listings market, which has the largest selection this time of the year.

#5 – Better Closing Options
Good time of year to make an offer and do the due diligence, buyers can move quickly now or slower in the spring if not in a rush.

#6 – Alternative Housing Options
Easier for sellers to find alternative housing, not as much pressure finding a rental vs. the really busy spring and summer season.

#7 – Subject to the Sale Acceptable.
Great time for buyers to make contingent “Subject to the Sale” offers and get them accepted and movement on the price.

#8 – Better Available Moving Services
Easier time for a buyer to move and find help and services like movers, cleaners, storage.

#9 – Smoother Mistake Free Completions
Better timing for buyers on completions with lawyers, banks land registry. Not that busy and time to attend to you now.

#10 – Buyer Competition Lower
Less competition for the same property from other buyers on the deals that pop up this time of year.

Now that you’re equipped with ammo to overcome any objection, debunk the myths and go out there and list and sell some real estate this winter season.