Fantastic Four of Real Estate

I came across an agent recently who’s stress and frustration was just mounting as nothing seemed to be working for him and he felt completely overwhelmed. I sat and quietly listened and then asked him this very important question.

“If it were a matter of life or death and you needed to make some money in real estate today, what would you do? “

fantastic-four-real-estateI believe there is literally only 4 things an agent can do to get paid today. I mean right here, right now get paid and make a sale today, there is only 4 things. We are bombarded by so many different things in our industry and need to get back to the simple basics and focus on
the Fantastic Four in real estate every day. So here they are…..

 (1) 1) Take a saleable listing – Where do we go and who do we talk to in order to find a saleable listing that would help me get paid today? Think of the listing strategies that would have the highest chance of taking a listing and tackle those first. I would suggest, for sale by owner or a personal referral through my sphere of influence would be my top 3.
 (2) 2) Take a price reduction – Repositioning a property and its price would be a powerful way of creating a sale for any agent today. We have these clients already wanting to sell and under contract with us, but are we counselling them and using our skills to reposition their price and create a sale?
 (3) 3) Create a buying opportunity – It amazes me how many agents don’t know the hottest buys in all the different areas. The Best Buy for a first time buyer, move up buyer, investor and more. Find the buying opportunities in your market and then tell the world!!! Text, email, call or post on social media the best buying opportunities in your market place and create vs. wait for a sale today!
 (4) 4) Touch your centre of influence – Contact the people who know, like and trust you and focus on creating a real estate referral for a buyer and seller today. People love to help people they like, trust and know. “Of all the people you know, who do you think will be buying or selling next?”So there you have it. The simplest most powerful ways to get paid today in real estate today. I trust you focus on the Fantastic Four every day in real estate and don’t be swayed and bombarded by all the other things agents do in real estate, just keep it simple and get paid today!